Church Video License

Church music directors would like to copy and share original recordings with their worship teams and choirs as they learn new songs…without having to worry about copyright violations.

Now, CCLI provides a legal, convenient and affordable solution. The Church Rehearsal License allows churches to legally copy and share audio recordings and digital audio files through emails, flash drives or on worship planning websites.

Reporting is easy. Just go to our online reporting page, then search, verify and report your number of copies.

Over 150,000 churches across North America already trust CCLI's legal coverage in their worship services. Now, the Church Rehearsal License can help musicians and vocalists legally prepare for their services.

Churches have been waiting for a simple solution. And once again, CCLI provides the simple answer…with the new Church Rehearsal License.

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CCLI Church Rehearsal License

For years, worship leaders and church music directors have been looking for a simple way to legally copy and share commercial recordings of songs they want to learn. Now CCLI offers a practical solution. The Church Rehearsal License makes it legal, simple and affordable!
Copy and Share Audio Recordings For Your Rehearsals.
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